How to Properly Measure Your Pet for Kennel Information

Kennel Information


We will need the following measurements provided for you pet:

A – From the tip of the nose to the base or root of the tail (not to the very tip of the tail)

B – From the floor to the top-most part of the head or ears (whichever is tallest). Ears may not touch the top of the kennel in their natural standing position.

Your furry friend won’t stay still for you to measure them with a tape measure? We completely understand how difficult it is to try to measure a moving target. Try taking your pet over to a wall and having them stand. Now take a pencil and mark the top of their head (or the top of their ears whichever is taller), and mark from nose to the base (not the tip), of the tail. Now let your furry friend go and measure the wall! See, wasn’t that a little easier than trying to measure your pet while they wiggle and squirm?

Here are some links to supplies you can buy for your pet’s crate as well as extenders: