Helping You and Your Pet Have a Stress-Free Trip


At Pet Relocator, we take care of the big and small stuff, so you don’t have to! Moving your pets is what we do best. We have pets ourselves and your pets are like family to us. We are a full-service pet relocation and transportation company. We will assist you from beginning to end with a personal service experience to ensure a smooth trip for you and your pets.

When traveling for pleasure or relocating overseas, you are faced with the many family logistics from the beginning. Your pet is not excluded in these logistics but faces a completely different set of requirements, restrictions, and possible quarantine in the country to which you are traveling to. The ever-changing requirements of the airlines and countries can make moving your pet feel overwhelming. Here at Pet Relocator, we specialize it keeping up to date of all these changes to ensure compliance in all moves. With our network of professionals as well as established relationships with the airlines, we are able to help you get your pet most everywhere in the world. We work with airlines such as Lufthansa, KLM, British Airways and United to name a few.

As we are headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado with three military installations close by, we often work in supporting our military members on PCS orders to keep their family together. We have a network of specialists to assist in your move and can service just about any city and country worldwide. We personally service markets in Denver, CO, Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, and Seattle, WA to name a few.

Our services provide the following:

Air and Ground Travel Consultation Services

We will provide you with an initial Pet Travel Consultation to determine the best routing, requirements, and the services needed upon contracting with us. We will do the research and present you with the available options. Once the appropriate option is selected, we will instruct you of the requirements for your pet’s travel including but not limited to vaccinations, veterinary health certificates, and microchipping.

Travel Carriers or Crates

While we do not supply crates, we will advise you on how to measure your pet appropriately and ensure you obtain the correct size crate that is in compliance is ATA and IATA standards. We will also direct you on where to find the best deals on crates in the size that you need. We do have an option if you would like us to obtain the crate and have it shipped to you. Please see our Kennels (working link to page) page for more information on measuring your pet.

Pet Travel Packets Include:

Our personal Pet Travel Services provide a customized pet travel packet with everything you need for your pet to travel safely.

Detailed Drop off and Pick up Instructions

Important Documents Pouch for your crate 

All required IATA labels for shipping  

Nuts and bolts (if needed)

Food and Water Bowls

Your pets’ ticket – Also called an Airway Bill

Absorbent Material

Required Veterinary Documents

Each pet is an individual and requires their own special attention, which is why if you are interested in our services we ask you to fill out a Request for Travel Services. This will help us to customize a free estimate to your specific needs. If you would rather talk to a live person instead of filling out a form, please feel free to call us anytime at 719-368-TRIP (8747). Due to the nature of our business, we are generally available 7 days a week during most hours of the day.