Offering High-Quality International Pet Travel Services


Whether traveling for pleasure or relocating permanently, you are faced with many hurdles. It is difficult enough to get your family’s logistics planned let alone your four-legged companions’. Our pets face many varying requirements that are foreign to most of us. This include but not limited to permissions, restrictions, testing, quarantine, and required vaccinations. There are also the different airline requirements for pets that are ever changing. Your plate is full enough!

By engaging Pet Relocator for your pet’s travel needs, you will only have to worry about the bare minimum in ensuring they are prepared for travel. We will take the stress off of you and make sure that your pets meet all the requirements while working with you, family members, friends, and veterinary staff to ensure a smooth trip for the entire family. We have moved pets safely to all but one continent (sorry Antarctica!) with a great network of other transportation specialist. With our vast network we can fly pets to or from just about any city or country worldwide. Our most traveled and sought-after pet travel includes countries like France, Italy, Germany, the UK, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and Korea. We care for each and every one of our pets and clients and deliver on the best in safety, compassion, enthusiasm and knowledge to put all your worries at ease during your pet transportation experience. As a special shout out to our military service members on PCS order, we are here to support you with your pet travels need and we offer a discount!

Our international transportation options include:

Pet travel safety

Ensuring you have a USDA accredited veterinarian

Paperwork reviews

Veterinary services

Door to door delivery

Travel crates (we also keep our finger on the market to see where you can order them the cheapest)

Kennel preparations

Booking of all flights and comfort stops

Boarding & kenneling

Import/export permits

Quarantine (if required)

Customs clearance

Monitoring of pets travel and addressing transportation delays due to weather, mechanical issues, or illness.